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A day in the Life of a baker.....Six months later.....

Posted on June 27, 2013 at 4:44 PM
     OK, so I was totally thinking that at the end of January I was going to post all kinds of info and stuff for you guys with all the "additional time" I was going to have on my hands...absolutely NOT the case.  I had a little one that arrived February 27th and with three other kids and a bakery to run.....clearly my "Go get em" attitude was more than a bit optomistic.  But that is me...wholeheartedly.  I'm not giving up on doing it all either by the way.  Just crazy like that I guess, I am a woman with 4 children now... I can officially fly my crazy flag whenever I deem necessary.  Just sayin.

     Now after several months of getting into a slight routine (I'll probably throw a wrench in that too, LOL), I'm GOING to do this.  My blog will be several things and appeal to a few different type of people.  I'm looking to reach out to those who watch the FOOD network, DIY network, and the OXYGEN network.  Those are my kind of people  ( I tend to like you better ), and for all others, well this may be a comedy for you. I want to let you know I'm the real deal and I absolutely LOVE to cook and bake like many other women and men out there, but I chose to do the crazy thing and open a bakery.  I have a dry and witty, often sarcastic, sense of humor and I hope to never offend anyone by this of course, just hoping you will understand me while I 'blog".   For those that know me personally, you may feel free to piss your pants while know who you are.  ;-)

     Here goes.....

     Fresh on my mind today.....

     I have the most amazing staff right now!  And I love each and every one of them individualy.  We are a complete team and it has taken so much to get here.  I think they would all agree that we have become quite a tight knit family over the past six months.  We argue like siblings sometimes when we have opinions about baking, cakes, personal lives, and day to day operations, but I wouldn't trade one of them for the world right now....well maybe a million dollars, then I would just split it with  Seriously, when I decided to open a commercial bakery I was scared out of my mind.  I feel slightly guilty admitting that when I hear that this is a life long dream of some people.  I want to shake them and tell them "Get a grip on yourself!  Have you gone mad!!??"  Every day is an adventure and weather permitting, sometimes a struggle.  If you have done baking in high humidity, you will understand that statement.  I thourghouly enjoy what I do each day, good and bad, but it takes a strong individual to endure the everyday challenges of running any business.  There are days when I do not have enough wine on hand, ;-).

     Baking is great fun...challenging, but great fun.  My staff and I are all avid Pinterest surfers and I always encourage them to find new fun recipes to try.  Each week we normally have some sort of "test run" on a given bread, cookie, cake, etc.  Tuesday and Wednesdays are usually when we try something new.  If it's great, you won't find it on the shelf on Tuesday though as we are usually consuming half of it and offering samples and selling it off that day.  But we do make it again the next day for sure.   We usually post it on our facebook site as well.  Then of course Thursday is when our baker, Hunter, is stressing out about the 140+ cakes he has to bake between Thursday and Saturday.  I often get a little kick out of him when I see him standing at the bake list with his hands on his hips for a few minutes, then letting out a big sigh as myself or Gris (my office manager) comes up behind him with another order we have taken because someone called in crying about a cake they forgot to order.   If it's me who adds it, I know he will only say so much to my face but it is often followed with a little bit of mumbling, another big sigh with his head down, then his head pops up with a big bright smile and a positive attitude.....LMAO!  I offer him a beer and he's set for another hour or so.  

To be cont......

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